Be on the lookout for this invasive weed

Above: Garlic mustard is taking over the roadsides of Southborough (contributed photo)

Southborough resident and Southborough Open Land Foundation trustee Deb Costine asks residents to be on the lookout for garlic mustard, an invasive weed that flourishes in our area.

The biennial weed is small now and easy to pick, so it’s a good time to try to get rid of it. Writes Deb in an email to My Southborough:

One of the most invasive and difficult-to-control weeds in the region, it is a major threat to desirable woodland wildflowers, tree seedlings and wildlife. It displaces native species by competing for available light, nutrients and water resources.

It is rapidly taking over roadsides in Southborough – and is encroaching into the Beals Preserve. It is easy to pull. We do not advocate the use of Glyphosate.

more info here:

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Eileen Samberg
9 years ago

Yes, I noticed a lot of it last year, and pulled everything I could find in the yard. Maybe I will expand it to the street this year, a pretty big undertaking based on what I saw last year.

9 years ago

I’ve seen recipes using Garlic Mustard on the web. You might as well get some reward for pulling the stuff.

9 years ago

I sure appreciate the mention, Sue – and the pulling, Eileen! ( and I haven’t cooked with Garlic mustard yet, but do understand that one can!) Also, it is best to try to get the entire plant – including the sturdy taproot. Just grab the plant below the lowest leaves. Sometimes I use a digging tool. Wear gloves for protection from poison ivy not leafed out yet. Tomorrow morning (Earth Day) SOLF will be pulling it out at the end of Hickory Lane (off Red Gate) near our Beals Preserve Property.

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