A bounty from your own backyard

Above: Morel mushrooms harvested right here in Southborough (contributed photo)

My Southborough reader Margo sent in a photo of the morel mushroom bounty she found this week right in her own backyard. She said the mushrooms are very good at camouflage, but she discovered them hiding in her yard quite close to her house.

Of course well all know to be careful when foraging for wild mushrooms – there are those that can make you sick or worse – but Margo says morels are relatively easy to identify.

“Hollow stems are a mark of authenticity,” she said. “The false morels are just mutant-ugly and not easily confused with the real deal. Look around the edges of your yard and there might be some hiding in plain sight.”

Check out the Boston Mycological Club’s website for more information on mushroom identification and safe foraging.

Has anyone else found morels in their yard this spring? If so, what delicious things did you make with them? Share in the comments!

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