BREAKING NEWS: Trottier placed in lockdown this afternoon after bullet found in classroom

Classes have resumed at Trottier Middle School this afternoon after the school was briefly placed on lockdown. In a message to parents, Trottier Principal Keith Lavoie said the lockdown was initiated after a 22-caliber bullet was found in a classroom.

The Southborough Police Department along with the State Police Canine Unit conducted a search of the building after the bullet was found this morning. “The search determined there was no threat to the school,” Lavoie said.

Parents received a message shortly after noon today notifying them of the lockdown. In the message Lavoie said all students were safe and accounted for. A second message was sent about an hour later saying that the building was all clear, and classes had resumed.

The initial message said only that the school was locked down and a search was taking place. Parents did not learn a bullet had been discovered until the second message.

Lavoie said the decision to lock down the school was made in conjunction with the Southborough Police Department to ensure the safety of students.

“The safety of the students is of our utmost concern and we mobilized all available resources to ensure safety,” he said.

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Mark Ford
10 years ago

As best I can tell, handled perfectly by the school and police. A quick but non-panicked lock, a good search (involving an FBI doggie?), proper communication to the parents, and safe dismissal of the kids. Thanks Mr. Lavoie and team!

9 years ago

Important in these times to take the necessary precautions. Any follow up? The source of the bullet was never found!

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