Town committee openings: 26 chances to make a difference

Given the passionate nature of many comments posted on this blog, I can tell people care about the future of this town. Every June the Board of Selectmen offers you a new chance to get involved.

This is the time the board renews and makes new committee appointments. This year there are 26 openings.  Critical ones include the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Personnel Board, among others.  And with only two members out of a possible seven, the Historical Committee does not have a quorum and is currently unable to conduct any business on behalf of the town.

If you would like to make a difference, consider volunteering for one of the following committees:

  • Affordable Housing Trust Committee: 1 opening
  • American with Disabilities Act Committee: (1 year term) 2 openings
  • Cable Television Committee: 1 opening
  • Community Preservation Committee: 1 opening
  • Fence Viewer: (1 year term) 1 opening
  • Field Driver: (1 year term) 1 opening
  • Historical Commission: (3 year term) 5 openings
  • Open Space Preservation Commission: (5 year term) 2 openings
  • Personnel Board: 1 opening
  • Phase II Stormwater Committee: (1 year term) 3 openings
  • Public Works Planning Board: 2 openings
  • Registrar of Voters: 1 opening
  • Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee (SHOPC): (3 year term) 2 openings
  • Southborough Stewardship Committee: (1 year term) 1 opening
  • Taxation Aide Committee: (1 year term) 1 opening
  • Zoning Board of Appeals – available July 1, 2013: 1 opening

If you are interested in volunteering, you can click here for a form.  If you have questions about what’s involved, you can e-mail

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Jessica Devine
11 years ago

Are there “job descriptions” online for these committee openings? Thanks!

11 years ago

Southborough Cultural Arts Council is also looking for members. They need one more by July to maintain their quorum.

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