Stonebrook Village seeking revised building permits

Stonebrook Village, a development off of Oregon Road, came back to the Planning Board on Monday night. The scrapped 40B project is now being pitched as an improved 55+ multi housing development.

In fall 2010, Capital Group Properties received a permit based on plans build  a 40B development.  (That was less than a month after CEO Depietri complained that then-ZBA Chair Sam Stivers was intentionally blocking the process.)

In July 2011, Depietri proposed changing the development to senior condos. He explained this as based on changed market economics. In May 2012, Capital Group put the project on hold to work on the plans. This Monday, they addressed the Planning Board with their revised plans.

Capital Group asserted that many of the board’s and neighbors’ specified concerns over the original project are answered by the shift to senior housing. They also pointed out that this project would lower the tax burden and increase revenue to town. They confirmed that they will consult the Conservation Commission on the revisions.

Throughout the planning process, neighbors have raised objections to the project. Complaints continued Monday night during the public hearing. Neighbors questioned road and common driveway regulations, project density, and excessive tree clearing at the property edge. Some asked how the work as proposed could be done without setting foot on neighboring land. That concern was echoed by the board.

Capital Group Properties representatives said they would look answer concerns at a future meeting. They agreed to come back on July 15th.

The planning board assigned themselves “homework”. They will determine whether the builder needs a special permit and whether that would be from ZBA. The bylaw language was debated by the Board, Capital Group attorney, and the public.  Board Chair Donald Morris noted the confusion on this issue as an example of why the zoning bylaws need revising.

The board also agreed to share advance documents with concerned neighbors via self-appointed representative, resident Lisa Braccio.

You can read Metrowest Daily News coverage of the story here.


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