Your Favorite Places: Where do you like to walk?

Above: Chestnut Hill Farm

Lately I’ve been trying to go for more walks and hikes with my son. For him, I find that it’s necessary to have something of interest as a goal.

We have already visited the cows at Breakneck Hill Road and Chestnut Hill Farm. (They were surprisingly hard to find, but that kept him moving.)

We also enjoy walks along the old reservoir wall at Hopkinton State Park. I’m trying to find another local spot that’s good for hiking with children. I’d love your feedback.

I’m sure there are others who would enjoy tips on walking or running trails for their own needs.

So share your knowledge. Do you have a favorite local:

  • place for walking dogs?
  • scenic walking route?
  • level running route?
  • and, don’t forget, hiking spot/nature walk for kids?
Whatever the reason for your favorite route or trail, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Carl Guyer
10 years ago

Try the 2 mile trail along the reservoir. It starts at the were Nichols and Clemmons Roads meet. Both of these roads are off Pine Hill Road. The trail heads 2 miles along the reservoir without a house or road in view for the entire distance until you finally end at Parmenter Street. It is an easy level hike on a unpaved fire road. Views across the water clear of any human structures all along the trail.

Al Hamilton
10 years ago

There is a very nice “fire road” that runs between the intersection of Nichols and Clemmons (off Pine Hill Road) to Parmenter. There is a small parking lot off Parmenter and road side parking at the other end. It is about 2 miles each way. The road runs along the reservoir and is an easy walk. Dogs are supposed to be kept on a leash.

Check for ticks after the walk.

10 years ago

Personally I like to walk on the street but I like to walk fast and ALONE to clear my head. I do like the cemetary because of the streets. However, if I do trails, I like the ones off Walnut Drive, it’s really quiet there. Another good place is Callahan State Park in Framingham and I think you can walk around the lake on Mill Street in Westboro. Also good is Dean Park in Shrewsbury, there is lots to see there!

10 years ago

More specifically on Callahan, we’d go in the entrance across from the Millwood Farms Golf Club, on Milllwood in Framingham. There’s a clear walkway, and not too far in, a large pond.

There’s also the Rail Trail up in Hudson…

Mark Ford
10 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Chris, is that walk still a doggie nirvana? I remember lots of dogs off leash and socializing on that path….

10 years ago

I adore the Beals Preserve! In fact I just returned from there where I sat for quite a while at the small pond listening to a chorus of various frogs! There also are three cows in a field. I usually park at the end of Red Gate and walk down from there but there are several ways into the preserve. Go to Southborough Open Land Foundation.

10 years ago

If your son needs a goal while out on a walk, look into letterboxing. It’s similar to geocaching but no technology needed. Your basically out for a walk in a peaceful location while going on a treasure hunt. Rumor is there is a series of boxes hidden throughout downtown Southborough. Callahan State Park has numerous letterboxes hidden throughout and each contains a clue with directions to follow that lead to the next box. check out for more info. You’d be surprised how many of these gems are hiding in places you frequent!

Eileen Samberg
10 years ago

Try the Sudbury Valley Trustee sites (, some are in Southborough, some are in Westborough. A personal favorite is the Walkup property off the Connector Road (which hits Flanders past the property) running south from Route 9, inside the Westborough Business Park.

Donna McDaniel
10 years ago

My favorite is Hopkinton State Park, especially in the less busy times and also good for cross-country skiing when there’s enough snow… as is Callahan.
And don’t forget the trail along the reservoir… leaving Parkerville Road going east with a crossing over Rte. 85 below the cemetery and then over to White Bagley. Could use a little more travel.

10 years ago

Thumbs up for the Beals Preserve.

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