ZBA elects new Chair and a Co-Chair

Last night, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted in Leo Bartolini as Chair and added Thomas Bhistikul as Co-Chair.

In May, ZBA Chair Matthew Hurley announced his resignation effective, June 30th. He was absent at this Wednesday’s meeting due to illness.

Leo Bartolini ran Wednesday’s meeting as a Temporary Chair. Early in the meeting, he called for a vote on Hurley’s replacement. He was the only member to express interest.

Bartolini requested help from fellow member, Attorney Bhistikul. He pointed out the need for a lawyer’s perspective. The Board voted to add a position of Co-Chair for Bhistikul who will assist Bartolini with document review and run the meeting in Bartolini’s absence.

During the meeting, Bartolini began to establish an agenda for his term. He talked about including language in future decisions to make give authority to the Building Inspector to open permits if they have met ZBA requirements. He asked that other members think about similar issues and improvements to suggest at a future meeting.

Applicants for the board vacancy will be addressed at an upcoming Selectman’s meeting.


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