The week in government (8/12/13-8/15/13): Addressing new plans to exit 40B onto Bantry and Tara Road

Above: Selectmen will review a traffic study on Capital Group’s revised plans to use Bantry and Tara Road as sole egress for 40B. (Buildout Map from materials for August 13th Meeting)

Some residents in town will be on special alert as tonight and Tuesday night’s agendas both address plans for controversial 40B developments. 

The BOS meeting’s review of updated traffic study refers to Park Central, Capital Group Properties’ proposed 180-unit 40B condominium project off Flagg Road.

The previous version of this study was based on plans to have traffic exiting onto Flagg Road. The traffic study indicated there would be a very low impact. This conclusion received with skepticism by the board and opponents.

Recently, property abutters were notified that developer Bill Depietri redesigned the egress. They now plan to have the condo traffic run through Bantry and Tara Road. An updated version of the original traffic study was submitted in support of the new plans, in addition to new plan maps (buildout and scale)..

Monday, August 12

  • Planning Board, 7:00 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agendaAgenda highlights: public hearing on Stone Brook Development site plan and permit for lower impact development

Tuesday, August 12

  • Board of Selectmen, 6:30 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agenda, packetAgenda highlights: Review of updated traffic study, and joint meetings with Advisory Committee and the Planning Board
  • Advisory Committee, 6:45 pm @ Front Hall, Town House then joining BOS meeting in Hearing Room (agendaAgenda highlights: Discussion position on cancelling Special Town Meeting. Discussing position on Open Space Management and specifically Barn Hollow
  • Planning Board (Joint meeting with BOS and Advisory), 7:15 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agenda) Agenda highlights: Discuss Open Space and Deed Research. Create and appoint subcommittee for Town Planner Search.

Be aware that changes to the meeting schedule are known to happen throughout the week. For a complete list of meetings, visit the town website.

All these meetings are open to the public, so you’re welcome to stop on by. Don’t know where the meeting room is? Give a shout in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.


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Matthew Brownell
10 years ago


Could the Wide World of Sports possibly get any crazier?

The only thing more insulting and ill-wrought than Mr. Depietri’s semi-floating 40B craps game, is the imminent and increased traffic danger that such a development brings to the narrow country lanes of 100% residential neighborhoods.

Let me say this again . . . . the proposed 40B development brings an imminent, foreseeable, and reckless traffic safety risk to the residents of Southborough. As I recall, Mr. Depietri’s own commissioned traffic study acknowledged that nearly 65% of the cars currently travelling on Flagg Road do so in excess of the speed limit. And Mr. Depietri wants to insert his ingress/egress pathways through established Southborough neighborhoods, add several hundred car trips per day to Flagg Rd., Lovers Lane, and Deerfoot???

Hello? Bueller?

Please sell that to the fathers and mothers I see pushing their children on strollers. Or the bicycle riders, leisurely walkers, joggers, and elderly couples out for a stroll.

Please. We are better than this.

Much Better.

Doug Dratch
10 years ago

Dear Mr. Depietri –

I attended last night’s meeting, however I was not able to address you.

First, let me say – I do not live in the neighborhood that is directly affected by the development you are proposing. I do however think what you are proposing will have a huge impact on our town and the quality of life for many of our residents.

I have 2 questions for you,
1) How would you feel if a developer bought all the land in back of your house on Presidential and wanted to build 180 units of condos + office buildings and have two of the main access points dump out on your street (Presidential) right near your house?? If you have any kind of heart for the people that live on Tara and Bantry – you would never be proposing what you want to build.
2) Why can’t you just put up some nice office buildings – maybe even a restaurant – rather than building this development? You will still make plenty of money + you will not have to have a negative impact on your neighbors? I think the towns people would happily give you the green light for something like that.

This is not a case of NIMBY. Bottom line, that plans that I saw and the way you want to move all the traffic into a quiet country road is completely outrageous.

I am a business man, I am a conservative and I am all for people making tons of money. At some point though, you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask, is this something I will be proud? Listening to the women who lived at the end of Tara Road (with a special needs child) + the 40 plus other families at last night’s meeting,… no, this is not something I would be proud of.

To the people of that neighborhood – if there is any kind of fund you set up to stop this, please contact me, as I would happily contribute

Doug Dratch
22 Ledge Hill Road

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