Library’s walkway to be repaired (Updated)

Above: The Southborough Library’s route 30 entrance has been cordoned off in past when the steps are icy. Beginning this week, it will be cordoned off for walkway repairs. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

The Southborough Library’s brick walkway for the  will undergo construction starting this week.

The walkway is in disrepair. Thanks to financial help from the Community Preservation Committee, the repairs will happen this month.

Construction is expected to begin on Thursday, August 15th. Project completion is estimated as by September 1st. The Route 30 entrance will be cordoned off while work is underway.

In the meantime, visitors will need to enter from the Route 85 entrance to the lower level.

Updated: I accidentally reversed the route numbers, now corrected. (Between ties to the library and my long time residency, I have no excuses. Just an Oops.) Thanks to reader, Carol, for noticing.

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