Alert: BB gun shot window on Marlboro Road and cars on Ledge Hill

A Marlboro Road resident alerted me that one of her windows was shattered by a BB gun pellet. Because that room is seldom occupied, she isn’t sure when it happened.

The investigating Southborough Police Officer told her that cars on Ledge Hill, a few streets away, had been shot by BBs a few days ago.

She asked me to share the following plea:

If you have kids with access BB guns (or guns of any kind), please remind them of the dangers.

What may seem like a simple act of vandalism to them could end in serious injury to a small child.

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9 years ago

Its hard to believe that the kids today think of this as fun. i would have had my butt whooped if my parents ever caught me doing something like that. speaking of which, how did the parents not know their kids took a bb gun and where out running around with it. we are in a sad state of affairs when things like this happen.

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