Taking a semi-break

I can feel the summer slipping away.

It’s the last full week of summer break for my children. So I’m going to make the most of it.

This means that I’ll only be posting two stories per day (not including this one) – and those are mostly pre-written and scheduled.

So if some major news breaks and you’re wondering, “Why isn’t My Southborough covering it?” The answer is hopefully, “Beth is busy playing with her kids.”

If I miss any big stories this week, I’ll try to round them up next week.

(Photo from Flicker by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism)

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Pat Q.
9 years ago

Enjoy the break and enjoy your kids!

9 years ago

Hi Beth, I see God and God’s creation in that photo. It is beautiful. Thank you for posting it. It and He touched me this morning. You have done a good job after taking over. Have a nice rest. Mike

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