Your favorite places: Apple picking (fall 2013)

Sunday is the official beginning of fall. And nothing says fall like picking apples.

From my experience, the prices are usually better at the supermarket then at “pick your own fruit”. Still, I love doing it.

In 2010, some of you shared with Susan your favorite places to pick apples. I’m wondering if anything has changed.

Maybe an an old favorite has gone downhill, while another orchard stepped up its game.

Or maybe some of you have new discoveries to share. (I saw that Davis Farmland has apple picking this fall. That’s new to me. Have any of you tried it?)

So, as Susan asked three years ago. . .

What are your favorite places to pick apples?

Who has the best deals? The most variety? Who offers good activities for the kids? Which one is the most picturesque? And who has the best cider and donuts?

Share your opinions in the comments.

If you want to see what others had to say a few years ago, click here.

(Photo by Beth Melo)

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John Kendall
10 years ago

Hands down…..Tougas Farm in Northborough has the best of everything!

10 years ago

I always go to Tougas however last year I was introduced to Honey Pot and it was great! So cute with ladders galore to climb, hills and hills of orchards, wagon rides all through the place. A mini hedge maze, petting area… We loved it and hope to make it a tradition !

9 years ago

I go to George Hill Orchard in Lancaster. We’re there to pick lots of apples for an inexpensive price to put them up for the winter. For other u-pick fruits we go to Indian Head Farm in Berlin. Tougas is completely agri-tourism. Which is great if that is what you’re looking for, but we’re not.

9 years ago

I always go to Tougas and this year thought they were too expensive so we went to Honey Pot Hill. We picked both apples and pears. What a disappointment!!!! We have probably thrown out 2/3 of the pears because as they ripen they rot. What a waste of money. I also think the apples are much better at Tougas. I will certainly not go back to Honey Pot. What a waste of money!

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