Meet Friends of Southborough Recreation

Above: Woodward students enjoy their right-sized basketball court. Coordinating and contributing to the project is just one of the ways FOSR has helped the community. (contributed photo)

[This is part of a series profiling organizations in our community. Volunteers or staff will clarify who they are and what they do. You can learn about how to utlize their resources, join or help.]

Yesterday, Friends of Southborough Recreation put a call out to sponsors and volunteers for their annual fundraiser the Gobble Wobble.

Perhaps you are wondering what funds raised are used for. Read their profile below to learn about them. (Then consider helping them out.)

Friends of Southborough Recreation

To help promote and support community health, togetherness, and spirit through providing recreational activities, facilities, and events.

Main activities:
Southborough Summer Nights, Gobble Wobble, Scholarships for Rec. Dept. summer camps and other smaller events and sports-related activities

Our biggest challenge:
Getting volunteers for the organization and at events

Most common misperception:
People are unaware of our purpose and how it benefits Southborough. They know about our two big events, but not other ways FOSR has contributed to the community – for example, we coordinated the fundraising for the basketball court at Woodward playground.

How can people join?
We are always looking for volunteers for the organization and at events. Just email or call.

How can people best help?
You can donate directly to the organization, to our sponsored events or volunteer and make a strong impact in our community. (There are easy links on our website.)

Susie Cabral, President

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