What do you do with outgrown coats and boots? Or other hand-me-downs?

We’re heading into some dreary chilly weather for a couple of days.

It’s the time of year when I start going through our winter things and figuring out what needs replacing.

In anticipation, Finn and Woodward schools already sent out a request to collect children’s winter “hand me downs”.

Finn School is collecting gently used children’s coats and boots for their “sister school”, Chandler Elementary in Worcester.

The drop off is at Finn. For parents with students at Woodward, you can also hand them to Nikki Morrissey at pick up.  (If you have questions, email Kristine Shifrin at Kristineshifrin@gmail.com.)

I looked into it, and Chandler Elementary students range in grades from preschool – 6th Grade.

What if you have items that are too big (or small)? Or what if you are cleaning your closets of other clothes?

Where to you donate your used clothing?

In the past, I’ve responded to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Worcester’s outreach. You can schedule a pickup by clicking here.

Does anyone have another suggestion to share?

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10 years ago

Locally the Bargain Box at St. Mark’s Church accepts consignments and donations for their Spring and Fall selling seasons.

10 years ago

There is a St. Vincent de Paul donation bin in the St. Anne Church parking lot. It takes clothing, shoes, and soft goods like blankets, curtains, etc. No toys, appliances, etc. It’s nice if you just have a small bag of something you want to donate.

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