Call for Photos and Photo Gallery: SFA Halloween parade

This weekend, the Southborough Firefighter’s Association held its annual Halloween parade and costume contest.

This is on my list of favorite town events. It’s wonderful seeing what more creative families than mine come up with.

My favorites are always the homemade costumes and group themes.  There were great examples of both this year. Scroll down to see some below.

With your help, I hope to share another photo gallery after Halloween. So, send in your Halloween photos.

I’d love to include pictures of:

  • SYFS’ Halloween Party last week,
  • The Senior Center’s Halloween Luncheon,
  • Finn School parade,
  • Trick or Treaters,
  • spooky houses,
  • and if you have good photos from the SFA parade, share those, too.

Note: Please make sure that you have permission from parents if your photo includes other people’s children.

You can submit your pics to

I look forward to seeing them!

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(“Jack O Lantern” photo posted to Flickr by puuikibeach)

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