Annual Kids’ Shop – December 7

Left: Surveying the goods at the Troop 92 Kids Shop (contributed photo)

Ask most people what the best annual shopping event is and they’ll probably say Black Friday. But for many kids in Southborough, the answer is the Annual Kids Shop.

Each year, kids look forward to Boy Scout Troop 92’s gift shop. At the Annual Kids Shop, children can buy gifts for their families without parents’ prying eyes.

The Woodward School Cafeteria is supervised by scouts and adults. Tables are setup for kids to buy inexpensive items. And the scouts will even wrap presents for free.

20131125_annual_kids_shop_sml(And if you can’t trust the Scouts to be honest about the kids’ change, who can you trust?)

This year’s Kids Shop will be held on Saturday, December 7 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Offerings include toys, puzzles, ornaments, candles, mugs, picture frames, date books, socks, games, calendars, tools, work gloves, bird feeders, flashlights, kitchen supplies, fleece blankets, pet toys, and more.

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10 years ago

awesome see you there!

10 years ago

Hey Beth,

Troop 92 is a Boy Scout troop not a Cub Scout troop. Important difference, especially to the Scouts!!!

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