MWDN: Superintendent hopes to increase Algonquin staffing, considering cap on activity fees

The Metrowest Daily News reports that Superintendent Dr. Charles Gobron would like to increase staffing in Algonquin Regional High School’s FY15 budget. Right now, he is waiting to see what the state’s required contribution assessment to the district will be.

The state numbers are due out late this month.  Last year, the state fee assessed to Northborough was a shocking increase over past years, by close to $1 Million. The increase was based on both a change in the formula and an increase in the town’s “economic prosperity”.

On Monday, Gobron explained to MWDN why budget numbers aren’t available yet:

there’s really no way to predict what the state will come up with this year, but that whatever happens will likely have a bearing on the final fiscal 2015 budget approved in February.

Gobron hopes to add 2.9 teaching positions and add a technology administrator. He would also like to keep the position of third Vice Principal that was added halfway through FY14.

In December, Gobron informed the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee about his intent. At that time he also agreed to consider a committee member’s concerns about athletic and activity fees:

After his presentation to the School Committee, member and Southborough Selectmen Chairman Daniel Kolenda asked whether Gobron thought athletic and activity fees might ever be reduced or eliminated.

Kolenda said he’s heard many complaints about he fees, which the district implemented to help supplement the budget in tough times.

Gobron said while the fees won’t be going away anytime soon, the district is “absolutely” committed to not raising them any higher. He said Monday he would also consider whether a family “cap” on athletic fees could be reinstated.

Gobron will submit his initial budget request in January, and the committee will vote a final number in February. Figures were not discussed earlier this month and Gobron said they are not yet available.

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(Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

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