“Families in Transition” seeking help through food drive and volunteers

I’ve had Dru Lindgren on a list of “residents in the news” I’d been meeting to cover. She was the subject of a story in the Community Advocate for her work to help the homeless.

But now, I bet she’d rather I focus on the charity she’s been supporting, Friends of Families in Transition.

This fall, I shared news about Algonquin Regional High School students collecting for transitional families in Northborough hotels.

This winter, Lindgren learned about the many homeless families that have been relocated to Marlborough hotels.

Community Advocate reported:

Each week, she makes sure to get the word out as to what donations are needed, collecting them, and distributing them.

“We are responsible now for the Marlborough, Shrewsbury, and Northborough hotels. We are trying to broaden our reach to encompass other areas that we recognize are in need. The Marlborough effort has just started,” Lindgren said.

This week Barbara Jandrue, Director of the Southborough Food Pantry, asked me to share the following notice with readers:

43 families are living at the Best Western in Marlboro. They have limited accommodations for meal preparation. FIT has asked The Southborough Food Pantry and Churches in Southborough to reach out to help these families.

The Churches will have containers marked FIT to collected non perishable items, personal items, diapers size 3 to pull-ups.

The Churches are also trying to organize a monthly meal for these families. Each Church is seeking a volunteer to coordinate this effort as well as volunteers to help prepare the meal.

Please consider how you can help.

Churches have just begun their help with this effort. Some may not have collection bins in place yet, but you can keep an eye out for them.

If you are a member of a Southborough church, please inquire through them about helping to coordinate their effort or volunteer with meal prep.

I asked Jandrue how residents who aren’t part of a church can help. If you aren’t a church member, you can email her at bjandrue@aol.com. She will forward your information to a coordinator for one of the churches.

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