Here we go again! Snow storm warning

Did you (like me) get caught in Saturday’s snow? The “snow showers” forecasted to dust our area, quickly turned to hazardous driving conditions.

At least tonight’s storm is forecasted well in advance. (Now we’ll have to see how accurately.)

This morning, the National Weather Service updated their maps. (Click on images to the right for more detail)

They place Southborough in the 8-10 inch band. Once again, the temperatures and high winds are bigger safety concern.

Southborough Emergency Managment shared the following alert:

I’m sure you are all aware we are looking at a significant winter storm for this evening through Wednesday morning. While we will see 8-10″ of powdery snow the real impact will be the winds and cold . . .

The winds combined with the fluffy snow will significantly impact visibility to include whiteout conditions at times. This, as well as drifting snow, will continue throughout Wednesday after the storm pulls away.

Again, as seems to be the trend this season, the real hazard will be the arctic cold that follows the storm and persists for several days. Temperatures will bounce between 20’s and 0 degrees with wind chills falling into the -15 to -25 degree range.

There is a high potential for Frostbite & Hypothermia. Avoid outdoor activities, cover all exposed skin & stay hydrated. Also let someone know when you go out and return and regularly check in with elderly friends/family/neighbors.

There is a high potential for Freezing Pipes. Keep buildings at a normal temperature. If you have exposed pipes (unheated/uninsulated areas) or loose heat slowly running water from a facet on all floors will help reduce freezing. Note that most pipes “burst” as they begin to thaw which could be several days from now. DO NOT use alternative heat sources to warm pipes (or your home) due to fire and Carbon Monoxide hazards.

Southborough Emergency Management will activate to a Level I (Standby/Monitoring) for the duration of the storm. Southborough is prepared to implement emergency plans and open a warming center/shelter if the need arises. Citizens should call 9-1-1 for emergencies and assistance.

Stay Safe & Be Smart.

If I hear news on cancellations, I’ll update this post.

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