Beautiful blog: Southborough nature pics and more

(Photo by Dawn Puliafico from

Don’t worry, I’m not breaking my arm patting my own back. My headline is pointing you to another blog.

Dawn Puliafico has a blog dedicated to her love of Things with Wings. She posts beautiful nature shots that she takes on her birding and butterfly seeking treks, which are often in Southborough. Breakneck Hill Farm is one of her regular haunts.

I “discovered” this blog a few months ago. Somehow today, I was keenly missing the lovely photos Susan used to share. I turned to Dawn’s site for a fix and I thought I’d share the wealth.

Just yesterday, Dawn posted the adorable image above (and several others) from her walk at Breakneck Hill with the following text:

When I pulled into the parking lot at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, I had the urge to yell “Norm!”. Everyone at Cheers (television sitcom) would yell “Norm” when he, a regular to the bar, would walk in the door. My “Norm” was for my friend the Northern Mockingbird, regularly perched in the thicket next to the parking lot. Actually, NORM is a pretty good nickname for this bird. I just looked up the alpha abbreviation code for this bird, but it is NOMO. I thought it might be NORM, which would be hilarious. Or would it be hilarious? I may be turning into a bit of a bird nerd….

You can find other shots from her Southborough hikes by searching the site with terms Southboro, Breakneck Hill, and Chestnut Hill.

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