MWDN: School committee will search internally for Superintendent

The combined district school committees discussed the search for a new superintendent at their meeting on Wednesday. The Metrowest Daily News reports they will seek internal candidates before considering an external search.

Superintendent Charles Gobron announced in December that he will be retiring this June. The combined school committees decided to seek community feedback before conducting a search. They issued a public survey in January, and planned to discuss search plans on January 29.

The Metrowest Daily News covered that meeting:

Members of all three school committees in Northborough and Southborough have decided to open an internal search for a new superintendent before deciding whether to look outside the district.

“There has been a strong history of internal candidates,” Superintendent Charles Gobron told members of the K-8 and regional committees Wednesday at a joint meeting. . .

Gobron said five of the last six superintendents have been candidates from within the district. He said they are often more prepared for and willing to accept the challenge of leading three school districts at once. The Northborough K-8, Southborough K-8 and Algonquin Regional schools are three separate districts, but share one central administrative office. . .

Susan Dargan, chairwoman of the Northborough-Southborough School Committee, said the committees would meet again on Feb. 26 in executive session to review internal candidates and formulate interview questions.

She said the interviews for any finalist candidates from the district would be conducted in public as required by law.

For the full MWDN story, click here.

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9 years ago

Another insider to lead the schools will also mean little likelihood of substantial reform. As much as we all like Dr. Gobron, does anyone think that a former head of the teachers union would try to make changes that would make the school run more efficiently? I’ve always thought of Dr. Gobron as someone who does not want any controversy.

Perhaps this is exactly the time to look outside.

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