MWDN: Tire slasher suspect ordered to begin anger management

The suspect arrested for slashing tires of 7 cars at Owen O’Leary’s on Super Bowl Sunday was arraigned on Friday.

The Metrowest Daily News reports that Todd W. Fike of Framingham was released on $3,000 bail. Fike was also ordered to surrender his passport, begin an anger management program, and stay away from Owen O’Leary’s.

Fike’s due back in court in April for the pre-trial hearing . He is charged with 8 felony counts for malicious or wanton destruction/damaging of property, driving to endanger and disorderly conduct.

MWDN reports that the bail was lower than requested by the prosecutor, who referenced his criminal record including a past 2 year conviction:

A prosecutor Friday asked he be held on $5,000 bail.

“While in the parking lot, Fike was swinging a knife around while slashing the tires of patrons,” police wrote in a report filed in court. When spotted, he got into his large blue van and pulled onto Rte. 9 so quickly he nearly hit another vehicle, according to the report.

Assistant District Attorney Lisa Casella said Fike, a Texas native, has faced numerous charges in his home state as well as charges in Puerto Rico.

Fike is maintaining his innocence in the case:

[Fike’s court-appointed attorney, Greg] Casale said added that the case against his client has been blown out of proportion.

“We dispute all of the allegations at this point,” he said.

Casale quieted Fike at one point during the arraignment when, during a discussion of alcohol, Fike said, “I wasn’t even drinking that night, your honor.”

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