Summer jobs for Southborough Rec

(Photo courtesy of the Southborough Recreation Department)

With all this snow on the ground, summer seems pretty far away. (Especially since with 4 snow days already, school won’t be getting out until the last week of June.)

Still time does tend to fly by. So, while teens are out on school break next week, they can use some of that free time to apply for a summer job.

The Southborough Recreation Department is advertising positions for their summer camps.

They are looking for an assistant supervisor, a CIT supervisor, and an aquatics instructor. Those positions are for ages 18+.

For 16-17 year olds, there are Camp Counselor jobs available at the the PK – Grade 5 camps.

I had that job one summer. I remember it as the most fun summer job I ever had. If you know a teen who likes babysitting, this is a great job to recommend. (It has the fun of playing with kids without the downside of enforcing teeth brushing and bedtime routines!)

To get more details about the job openings and requirements, click here.

Applications and resumes are due to the Southborough Recreation Department by April 30th. Click here for an employment application form.

Anyone applying for the counselor position will also need to complete this questionnaire. Teens 16-17 years old will also need to apply for an employee permit if they don’t already have one.

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