Town Tweets: Bridge St bridge opening soon, Starbucks temporarily closing

Above: Bridge Street bridge under construction this January. The bridge may re-open this week.
(Photo by Beth Melo)

If you aren’t on twitter, or don’t follow @17 common, you likely missed these announcements from the town today.

Good news: The Bridge Street bridge repairs are almost complete. The town tweeted today:

Bridge St Bridge anticipated re-opening b/t Mar 14-Mar 17.  However, the opening date is dependent on completing guardrail work this week.

Bad news: Those of you who like your daily coffee fix from Starbucks will have to make other arrangements for a little while. Starting tomorrow, the Southborough location will be closed through March 20th for renovations.

I keep thinking, if only Starbucks held off a little bit longer to close. If anyone in town needs extra jolts of coffee these days, it’s likely the residents kept awake by the night-time bridge construction!

Hopefully, the fact that the end is in sight is enough to perk them up.

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Donna McDaniel
9 years ago

The Starbucks interlude offers the chance to visit two cafes in Southborough that serve coffee roasted locally — the Red Barn Cafe at 20 Turnpike Rd (eastbound lane of Rte. 9 just before the overpass at the Framingham line) and at 205 Turnpike Rd. (westbound lane just after pulling onto Rte. 9 west from Rte. 85). They have lunch menus and do corporate catering. I’m not acquainted with the owners.. don’t even know who they are… just know they’re good places to go and I like the idea of supporting local businesses.

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