Photo Gallery: Algonquin Class of 2014 graduates (Updated)

Above:  Algonquin’s Class of 2014 turning their tassles. (Photo submitted by Chris Wraight)

Chris Wraight was kind enough to share some wonderful photos from yesterday’s graduation. They include retiring Superintendent Charles Gobron receiving an honorary diploma for “graduating” from the Northborough-Southborough schools after 42 years.

Four students were also recognized with a standing ovation for their plans to enter the military after graduation:

  • Stephanie Fox, ROTC, University of Vermont for nursing career in Army Medical Corps
  • Nicholas Brewster – This July, he will enter basic training for the Army to be a Blackhawk helicopter repair technician and crew member
  • Kristen Michaud, (voted most likely to succeed) will join ROTC at UMass Amherst
  • Josiah Rawnsley, enlisting in U.S. Marine Corps

If you have any photos you want to share, email

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Updated (6/9/14 10:55 am) I mislabled photo #9, recognition of students entering the military. Their information is now included above.

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Mark Ford
9 years ago

What a great bunch of kids, paying respect to those entering the military. Nicely done.

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