SEF awards $44,000 to supporting initiatives for students, including outdoor science classroom

Above: These Southborough educators are excited to have funding for new student initiatives in the coming year. (Contributed photo from awards breakfast)

Southborough Education Foundation has announced the awarding of $44,000 in grants for the upcoming school year.

For 14 years, SEF has supported wide ranging initiatives at each of Southborough’s K-12 public schools. This year’s grants will promote spelling, math, science, nature, social/emotional learning and helping children develop critical group & teamwork skills.

The highlight of the bunch is funding an outdoor classroom at Woodward for nature and science :

Woodward students will also benefit from the construction of a new specially-designed outdoor classroom at Woodward, built into the hill in a removed area of the school grounds. The 2nd and 3rd grade curriculum touches on the water cycle, astronomy, weather, etc., so this space will be used frequently for science instruction, but can also be available for cross-curricular instruction.

Grants are based on applications from teachers to implement new programs or resources for students. They are funded entirely by fundraisers like the Red Apple and the Annual Spelling Bee.

A Red Apple fundraiser is taking place right now through the end of school. For more information, click here.

Below is a breakdown of awards by school. More detailed descriptions are available in the SEF announcement included below.

Finn School grants will:

  • Help students get into a ready-to-learn mindset (or “green zone”).
  • Use books to teach students how to empathize

Woodward School grants will:

  • Build the new outdoor classroom at for nature and science classes
  • Provide math “back packs” so students can practice skills at home

Neary School grants will:

  • Provide spelling aids
  • Update dedicated space and A/V equipment for morning meetings

Trottier Middle School grants will:

  • Help teach typing proficiency
  • Support interactive group technology for classroom participation

Algonquin Regional High School grants will:

  • Provide a gas chromotagraph for use in several science classrooms. (These are commonly needed in science-based careers, but not usually available in schools)
  • Fund emotional and social learning

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