Habitat for Humanity ReStore open this Saturday

Above: A ReStore donation container will be open this weekend at the Transfer station.

Earlier this year, the Department of Public Works promoted Habitat for Humanity ReStore through a flyer in the water bill. At that time, DPW told me that they were waiting on volunteers to coordinate the effort.

It looks like they got them, but only for two weekends (at least for now)*.

According to the Town website, the ReStore site was open on June 7th and will open again this Saturday, June 14th from 8:00 am-12:00 pm.

Donations to ReStore will be sold to support of Habitat for Humanity. Their primary goal is to:

Generate funds to build affordable homes in the metrowest/Greater Worcester area, allowing hard-working, low income families achieve the dream of home ownership in accordance with our ecumenical mission.

The DPW flyer from this spring promoted –

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (200x100)Do you:

  • Have good, gently used items in your home that can be resold?
  • Want to make a tax deductible donation to Habitat for Humanity?
  • Want to keep potentially resellable material from going into a landfill?

Donating to the ReStore is a good, responsible way to help the community and the environment!

So, if you are interested in helping the cause, swing by the Transfer Station on Saturday with your donations.

*No information was available on future dates as of this post. If I learn any more about future plans, I’ll let you know.

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9 years ago

Is that the new use for our new swap shop buildings?

9 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Beth (or some one from the DPW),

Please clarify….
1. What will be the policy and practices regarding donations of any item now that these new structures are operational? Are all ‘gently used items’ to be placed in the Habitat of Humanity area? That is, what policy changes will occur regarding items that have traditionally been placed in the “Swap Shop” building and area? In other words, will SB residents still be able to drop off and pick up items as usual or are all items only to be given to HfH?

2. What traffic flow problems have been considered during the selection of the three small huts that comprise the HfH drop off area? It would appear that parking is non-existent and flow will be severely hampered. In other words, will the new design alleviate or increase traffic flow/congestion? Undoubtedly even a rudimentary civil engineering assessment was considered before the huts were placed in that area. What can we expect or are we winging it?

3. Finally, what plans if any have been considered for the large ‘green space’ that is opposite the currently place recycling containers/compactors….. seems like space that could be better used to enhance the flow and perhaps used for citizen action group stations (petitions, political solicitation, etc) rather than the walk way/sidewalks that are typically used.

I love going to the TS/Swap Shop area as needed. Its an adventure…. just don’t know which old friend or acquaintance you might run into… can’t we take all uses and benefits of the TS into account before we spend taxpayer $$ to develop sections? thanks!

remember the old SB TS axiom:
One person trash is another person’s treasure…. at least for the time period when the recycler takes the treasure home, store it in the garage and later return during the next spring cleaning! LOL

Lara Joyce
9 years ago

I work for Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester and we are very excited for the donations drop off at the Transfer Station, I am especially excited to have one in my hometown! If anyone has questions about donations feel free call 508-799-9259.

9 years ago

Actually, the photo that is posted has the ReStore container in it. The container is the gray trailer to the right of the 3 sheds.

9 years ago

Could someone suggest some of the typical items that could be donated to the ReStore.

9 years ago
Reply to  Bill

The Restore accepts desks, dressers, bureaus, construction materials, side tables, washer/dryer, refrigerators and ranges. We do not accept upholstered items (couches/chairs), electronics (tvs, stereos), mattresses. Here is a link to give a better list. http://www.habitatmwgw.org/restore/restoredonations/donating-materials-to-restore/

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