Don’t forget the Food Pantry this summer

[Many in town may already be packing up for summer vacation. So, I’m overdue in re-running this post from last year.]

A lot of Southborough residents seem to disappear in the summer months. Some head to summer homes for the season. Others travel to favorite getaways.

The residents who rely on the food pantry are unlikely to do either.

During the school year food is collected for the pantry through food drives and town events.

In the summer, many forget about this resource that is so important to those who need it.

So, before you head off on vacations or get wrapped up in your summer plans, consider stopping off at a donation center.

The Southborough Food Pantry’s website can help you find the best dropoff site for you. Plus, they keep an updated list of most-needed items.

Above: Southborough Food Pantry shelf stocked in good times. (Photo from Susan Fitzgerald)

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