Smilin’ with Hillers Fockey – August 10th

Next month, a fundraiser for the Abbie Benford Memorial Fund will be held at Hopkinton High School.

Last December, Woodward teacher Amy Benford lost her daughter Abbie to an anaphylactic reaction to food allergies. Since then, the Benfords helped formed the foundation to help other children living with food allergies. (Click here to read this spring’s post about KeepSmilin4Abbie.)

Apparently, playing field hockey was one of the many things that made Abbie smile. So it’s fitting that an upcoming fundraiser centers around the sport.

Smilin’ with Hillers Hockey will take place Sunday, August 10, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

The event will feature:

  • A field hockey match between the school’s varsity team and alumni
  • An adult exhibition game featuring “fockey” parents, teachers and community leaders
  • Raffle & silent auction
  • A pig roast

Admission is $15, and includes food and t-shirt. To purchase tickets or learn more, click here.

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