SOLF Wildlife survey workshop this Thursday night

Above: This spotted salamander is just one of the “herptiles” discovered by a SOLF wildlife survey volunteer enjoying the habitat at Beals Preserve. This Thursday, you have a chance to join the survey or just learn what volunteers have been up to. (Photo from SOLF website)

Southborough Open Land Foundation is holding a workshop on their wildlife survey.

This year, SOLF has been studying the reptiles and amphibians that make Beals Preserve meadows and ponds their home. Now they are holding a workshop for anyone interested in volunteering or just in learning more about the survey.

Calling all those interested in the SOLF Wildlife Survey!

If you are interested in volunteering or just want to learn about the survey, we invite you to attend the upcoming Volunteer Workshop.

  • Exciting presentation on project to date
  • Hone your data collection techniques
  • Live snake demo – opportunity for hands on experience
  • Socialize with fellow volunteers – share experiences
  • Light refreshments served

The workshop will be held in the Community House at 28 Main Street.

To sign up to attend, please email

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