New opening on Zoning Board of Appeals

Another member of the Zoning Board of Appeals has stepped down. Member Arlon Brown has moved out of town. Chair Leo Bartolini shared the news at last night’s ZBA meeting.

The ZBA is responsible for ruling on 40B developments and other controversial zoning appeals.

Just last month, the Board of Selectmen promoted an alternate to full member and filled her spot. At the time, Selectman Daniel Kolenda was disappointed that there weren’t other candidates for the full time position.

Bartolini argued the importance of promoting alternate members with experience. But he said that he tried, unsuccessfully, to recruit more applicants.

The ZBA chair indicated the controversial nature of the board (with “some of the issues on the blog”) is a deterrent to volunteers.

No news yet on whether Dennington or other alternate Paul Drepanos will seek the full time position. If one of the alternates is promoted, that will still leave an alternate position to be filled.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the ZBA (or other town committees with vacancies), you can submit a volunteer form to the Town.

(Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

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9 years ago

Nothing on the actual meeting? The developer and Bartolini are steam rolling the town and ruining Southborough as we know it but its non news? Headline should be ZBA chair is looking for additional pawns.

9 years ago

“corrupt ZBA chair” seems to cross the line!

Just Curious
9 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Somehow, the BOS needs to ensure that the new appointee to the ZBA is NOT an ally of Mr. Bartolini as was readily apparent with the most recent selection.

Over the past several years, there have been many people who have called for transparency in town government. Diversity of opinion is one way to help us get transparency.

With the recent appointment of two people from the same address to the DPW Planning Board, well hopefully this will cause the BOS to look harder for a replacement for the ZBA.

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