ZBA Park Central hearings postponed to October 29th for “final discussions” on 40B

Above: The land behind Red Roof Inn is the site of controversial proposed “Park Central” development projects. (Image from Google Maps)

Last night, residents opposing the developments at Park Central learned that a critical vote might take place at the end of this month.  The news came at the end of another evening of frustrating delays.

The Zoning Board of Appeals was scheduled to hold hearings last night on two projects proposed for the site. After 40 minutes of waiting for an update from a board member with a sick child, delays to October 29th were confirmed.

The board did have a quorum. But, Chair Leo Bartolini wouldn’t hold hearings on the controversial 40B with only three board members. (He opted not to use an alternate who hasn’t sat on past hearings.)

Developer, Capital Group Properties, agreed to the board’s request to delay.

Captial Group’s hearing on a Use Variance for town houses also at the site was to open last night. The projects are linked by a potential deal between the town and developer.

It’s a deal that the chair apparently hopes to firm up this month. 

In setting the agenda for October 29th, Bartolini flipped the order of the two projects for the next meeting. He explained,

After the variance, wherever that goes, then we can have a final discussion on the 40B at the end of the evening.

The Use Variance continuance last night was at the applicant’s request.

Permit approval required a yes from all four members able to sit on the hearing last night. Attorney Angelo Catanzaro asked for a continuance until the 29th, when five board members can participate. (The board expects to have an additional alternate approved by then.)

Last night was the second time a hearing for the 40B was postponed after residents showed up to voice concerns. The first delay, in the spring, was a last minute postponement by the applicant that angered abutters.

In a discussion on scheduling future meetings, Bartolini told the board there would be no meetings in November. He has scheduled a meeting for late October and early December so that he can take the month of November off.

The chair did say that if the board has to meet, he will come back for it.

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