Ethics of giving to teachers

Superintendent Christine Johnson issued a reminder this month about the ethics regulations surrounding gifts to public school teachers.

In it, she outlines the financial restrictions around direct gifts to teachers. He also encourages parents to give gifts to the classroom, school or school organizations in a teacher’s name.

If you’re worried that a donation to the school won’t feel personal enough, here are some ideas teachers and students should enjoy:

  • Have your choose something from the teacher’s classroom wish list, wrap it and bring it in to his/her teacher. (The schools generally keep wish lists in the office for parents to check.)
  • Make a Red Apple Award donation in teachers’ names. The Southborough Education Foundation will email a “Red Apple Beastie” created by Mr. LaChance that your child can personalize and present to their teacher.
  • Have your child make a card with a personal note to the teacher. Include an explanation of the gift made in teacher’s name (e.g., a contribution to SOS, a book to the school library.)

Click here for Johnson’s December 4th message.

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