Where are the best Christmas lights in Southborough, 2014?

Above: Last year, the owners of this grand display on Harris Drive told me it would be their last hurrah. So, where should we head to for festive decorations this year? (Photo by Beth Melo)

Call me a hypocrite.

As a child, and now as an adult with kids, I’ve loved seeing Christmas lights around town. But, I have never bothered to put up lights of my own (beyond my Christmas tree).

So, I rely on the rest of you to do it for me. (And I’m quite disappointed if you don’t.)

I haven’t gone for our annual holiday drive this year. But I’m thinking this is the weekend for it.

First, I need your tips to plan my route. (And of course to help readers, too.) As Susan once wrote:

Where do you think the best light displays are?

From the elegant to the extravagant, share your favorites in the comments below.

Feel free to toot your own holiday horn – anonymously or otherwise – if you think your lights are the best!”

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8 years ago

150 Parkerville!! And their on/off neighbor!! So much hard work and love for lights..and family!! It’s a must see!!

Brandi Maloni
8 years ago

There is an amazing house on Parkerville Rd. I saw it the other day when I took a right off rt 9 east coming from Westborough. :)

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