Obituary: Emma (Abu) Daboul, 96

Emma Abu Daboul [of Southborough] passed away peacefully with family by her side at 96 years young.

She was a vibrant beautiful woman who cherished family above all else. Her greatest joys in life were her 3 children.. Topper, Georgie and Missy. She was proud to have 8 grand children and 9 great grandchildren all of whom she spent a lot of time enjoying.

A lover of life and travel Emma toured the globe and saw the world, coming back with beautiful stories of far away places and of course a gift for everyone.

She had a passion for walking and walked the streets of Framingham every morning of her life, regardless of the weather, until she was 90 years old. Her famous walks through town made her a local icon and she was featured on the front page of the Middlesex News.

Always a giver, Emma was well known for literally giving the shirt off her back. Giving was a great joy for her. She loved lilacs, the color purple, cooking for her family. ballet, tea and toast. She was an avid reader reading at least 5 books a week and often read 2 books simultaneously, but mostly she loved shopping. Her shopping trips were famous too whether it was to the grocery store or the mall she always came back with an abundance of bags so she could give to her family.

Emma was a successful proprietor of the Westborough Dairy Queen for many years where countless people have recounted stories of her smiles and service. She left a mark on every life she ever touched. She had little sayings well known as “Emmaisms’ one very popular was “if water drips on a rock long enough it will surely leave a mark”. Emma left a mark that cannot be compared.

She will be dearly missed by her family who will always remember her traditions and unending love.

Calling hours will be January 4th 2-6 January 5th 3-8 at the home of Missy and David Margolis 374 Singletary Lane Framingham Massachusetts.

(Obituary and photo via Faggas Funeral Home)

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