A look back at Southborough’s Historic Places

Above: The Community House’s heritage was just one of the fascinating Southborough landmarks explored in an old My Southborough series. Enjoy the look back this Throwback Thursday. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

I was looking at stories from 5 years ago and came across a wonderful 4-piece series that Susan had run.

Using information from a survey of historic properties, she posted some fantastic history on Southborough landmarks.

Whether you missed it the first time, or just want a refresher, they’re worth reading. Click on the headlines below to see the posts.

The Community House

Did you know the Community House once boasted a bowling alley? Learn more in the first of a series of posts on Southborough’s historic places.

The Town House

We tend to think of the Town House now as being all business. You go there to pay your water bill, or to register to vote, or (if you’re like me) to attend any number of town committee and board meetings. But it didn’t always used to be that way.

The Southborough Public Library

Picture this. The year is 1852 and the residents of Southborough are gathered at the old Town House for the annual town meeting. On the warrant is the question of whether to establish a public lending library.

Fitzgerald’s General Store

Talk about longevity. The building that is home to Fitzgerald’s General Store was built in the mid-1800′s as a general store for the villages of Cordaville and Southville. More than 150 years later, ownership and names have changed, but the building still serves the same basic purpose.

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Susan Fitzgerald
9 years ago

Did I only ever do four? I had plans for so many more! Maybe someday…
Anyway, that’s for resurrecting the series, Beth.


Gino Tebaldi
9 years ago

Thanks for your column and interesting information.
Correction on the community house bowling alley. It was not in the community house. It was located in a separate building behind the community house. It housed 2 alleys for candelpin bowling and we took turns setting up the pins.
Gino Tebaldi
Past Commander
Bagley, Fay Post 161 American Legion

Gary D.
9 years ago

I remember back in the early 60’s, my Mother and I went to the Police station at Town Hall, (don’t remember why), and it was locked up tighter than a drum. The whole force had gone home for the night, and of course we only had a volunteer Fire dept. too. Oh, the simple days…

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