Community Advocate roundup: Southborough community features

Above: Some of the community members featured in recent CA features will be familiar to readers from past My Southborough posts. But CA reporters interviewed them for a deeper look. (Cropped images Left to right: Town Clerk Paul Barry [from @17common tweet], Children’s Librarian Kim Ivers organizing the 4th of July parade [by Susan Fitzgerald], Lexi Ryan and Tori Heinlein entertaining children [from Facebook], and paramedic Lt. Dano [YouTube video])

The Community Advocate running features on Southborough residents, employees and the schools is nothing new. But, in the past three days, the website has posted a dozen new ones.

It’s as many as they normally share over 3+ months! Apparently, they are giving out town a special focus this week.

I shared one story yesterday. New stories below include features on our Town Clerk, Children’s Librarian, a paramedic, residents with special interests, many community volunteers, historically important community members, and how one school is using a new grant.

With 11 stories to share, I’ll just give you the linked headlines with very brief synopses:

New studio gives Neary students a chance to show off creativity

With a new recording studio complete with green screen, lights, iPad, tripod, microphone and more, the students at the Margaret Neary Elementary School are excited to write and present projects where their scripts will “come to life.”

Local charity brings “smiles” to birthday boys and girls

For most children, birthdays are a magical time where family and friends gather and gifts are received. Imagine the child whose family is not able to celebrate the day with a special gift.

Theater pals become party princesses

A local high school student and her friend have turned their love of theater into a part-time job. Taking advantage of the trend for theme birthday parties, Lexi Ryan of Southborough and Tori Heinlein of Dover have created Princess Party Pals. The pair dress up as Disney princesses to entertain groups of delighted young girls.

Couple shares passion for the slopes

It has been 30 years since Ilene and Robert Titus moved to Southborough, Ilene having relocated a stone’s throw east from Easthampton and her husband, Rob, from Long Island. However, their love for skiing was formulated long before settling in the Metrowest, a passion that is evident as long-tenured volunteers for The ACE Ski and Board Club.

Southborough volunteer works for the community

Albert Schweitzer was quoted as saying, “Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Remember, you don’t live in a world all of your own.”

Cathy Kea of Southborough has taken that message to heart, and has made a career of finding ways to enrich her community and the lives of many people.

Southborough Food Pantry embodies community spirit

The Southborough Food Pantry is committed to serving those in need with food, personal care items, household supplies and even fuel to ensure heat throughout the cold, New England winters.

Southborough native continues longtime tie with library

Kim Ivers reports to work as children’s librarian with a lifetime of memories and experience at her hometown’s Southborough Library. She’s been employed there for 20 years, the past 18 as children’s librarian.

[Note: The 20 years is full time employment. Actually, she was employed part-time for 7 years prior to that, and began volunteering there 6 years earlier.] 

Quilter pursues lifelong passion

Mary Walter always finds time to stitch, patch and design. She started to quilt when she was in high school – when the 1976 Bicentennial movement launched enthusiasm for quilting – and has been pursuing her passion ever since, through art school, her career and raising a family.

Southborough paramedic emphasizes community education

Even at a very young age, Lieutenant Chris Dano knew that he wanted to help people. As he got older, he joined the Army Reserves and simultaneously joined the Auburn Fire Department as a volunteer. He knew immediately that this was his calling.

Notable names in Southborough history

The stories of those who have shaped Southborough may best be told by remembering families important in the community for several generations. Some were by necessity farmers for as many as two centuries; others – “gentlemen farmers” – have given the town some distinctive features through contributions of their time and their wealth. Whatever their circumstances, they are the people who have made Southborough what it is today.

Southborough Town Clerk Paul Berry to retire after 45 years

In the 1960s, when Austin Kelly, a former Southborough town clerk, suggested to Paul Berry that the World War II veteran would be right for the position of town clerk, Berry was a little skeptical, but he said “I’ll tell you what: I will!”

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