No school on Monday (Updated)

Just got the official phone call.

As announced by superintendent Christine Johnson, Southborough and Northborough will not have school on Monday.

Children rejoice. Parents grieve for their sanity. (Or am I alone in that?)

Afternoon programs will also be cancelled.

This is the 3rd snow day this year. It means the school year won’t be over until at least Friday, June 19. (The kids won’t be so joyful come mid-June.)

Updated (2/2/15 7:47 am): Southborough town offices and the Southborough Library will be closed today. The library has rescheduled today’s Improving Conversations session to February 9.

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9 years ago

I really wish that we would not have February vacation week. The kids look like they’ll be going to school extremely late if we keep having all of these snow days! I’m grateful that the district has correctly cancelled school each day, but it’s frustrating when summer comes.

9 years ago

I agree,.. Dump February vaca and move April vaca to mid march.

9 years ago

That will never happen. The schools use that week to clean and get all the germs out of the classrooms since by that time, they are usually overrun with kids who are sick, at least according to some teachers. We need that time to keep the other kids healthy. We don’t need to panic we are no later at this point than we were last year for getting out of school. Everyone just needs to relax. I would rather have snow days than have my kids on the road in a dangerous situation. I think Mrs. Johnson has done a great job of calling the days. Welcome to New England people, just relax and go with it.

9 years ago
Reply to  resident

After having 2 weeks off for Christmas vaca, think the. Feb break is over kill. I am not questioning snow days, I just think it would be better to not have 2 spring vacation weeks.

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