Videos: Free throw contest and more acappella

Above: Algoncappella performing at St. Mark’s School’s Wick Festival. The group shared their performances online. (Photo posted to St. Mark’s School’s gallery)

Another round of videos to entertain.

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Knights of Columbus Free throw 2015

On January 14th, the Knights of Columbus held a Free Throw competition at Trottier Middle School. (More details below.)

posted to You Tube by Southborough Access Media

At the K of C contest, children 9-14 years old vied to be Southborough champions. Winners will advance to the District competition at Marian High School, 9:00 am on February 28. If successful, they could move on to regionals, and even state.

Last year, two of Southborough’s players won the State Championships for their age groups (Kyle Henderson and Trevor Burns )

For the official photo gallery of the event posted by K of C, click here.

Wick Festival at St. Mark’s School

The private school held two evenings of acappella open to the public last weekend.

St. Mark’s covered the event in detail and posted pictures. (You can view that here.)

Unfortunately, I can’t find that they posted any videos from it. But one of the performing groups tied to Southborough did. 

Algoncappella – “Gold” from Once

ARHS’ acapella group’s opening performance at St. Mark’s School’s Wick Choral Festival. 

Arranger: Martin Lowe

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Algoncappella – “Flaws” by Bastille

More from St. Mark’s School’s Wick Choral Festival. 

Soloist: Shyala Jayasinghe; Arrangers: Sean Boullianne and Danny Fier

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Algoncappella – “Timshel” by Mumford and Sons

Their final performance at Wick Choral Festival. 

Soloists: Henry Fournier, Julia Baker, Sean Boullianne, Sarah Milnamow; Arranger: Stephen Tzianabos

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