Local student artists reception tonight

Above: Tonight you can view artwork by local students, including some from Southborough (Image from Amazing Things website)

A local art exhibit opens tonight. On display are works of students, some of whom live in town.

Piece by Summit student, Southborough's Celia DiNitto (contributed photo)Summit Montessori School student art is on display at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham. It features work by K-6 students. (Click on thumbnail to get a better look at this work by Southborough’s Celia DiNitto)

The school announced:

“Art From Inside” – which opens Feb. 9 and runs through March 21 at the Amazing Things Arts Center – showcases a colorful variety of inventive artwork created by students in grades kindergarten through sixth at Summit Montessori School in Framingham, and by Ashland artist, Andrea Green, M.Ed., their art teacher.

There will be an opening reception Tuesday, Feb. 10, from 4:30-6 p.m. at the Amazing Things Arts Center, 160 Hollis St., Framingham. 

The art program at Summit follows the Montessori philosophy that students are guided to become self-motivated, independent learners, which is reflected in the title chosen for this exhibit. Making art is an important experiential process that is more like an unscripted joyful and often messy adventure, which is not necessarily focused on the end product. Children naturally want to explore and create. At Summit all children are considered artists with valuable ideas to express.

The gallery website further explains:

Our young artists incorporate newly introduced concepts and techniques into unique, imaginative 2D and 3D projects that they choose themselves. They envision, plan, design and create according to their inner curiosity and emerging artistic sensibility. Individual instruction is given for solving specific art problems. The emphasis is on the development of original ideas and the process of exploration to find visual ways to express these ideas. In this way the children work through thoughts, emotions and stories that are personally meaningful to them.

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