Photo Gallery: Snow in Southborough; plus another warning

Above: Don’t forget to clear your roofs. But first, MEMA has some important information to keep in mind. (Photo by Beth Melo)

Before I share ANOTHER warning about snow, I thought I’d lighten the mood by sharing some recent photos.

The first three document the toll of winter on a local snowman.

Some of my readers have relocated, either permanently or for the winter. They are probably feeling a bit smug right now.

As for those of you stuck here with me through this grueling winter. . .

The Town has issued another warning. This one is sharing an alert from Massachusetts Emergency Management about the dangers of snow on roofs.

One part refers to how fluffy snow can act as a sponge for rain. That caused me to freak out a little just now when I heard rain on the roof. It turned out to be melting snow and icicles. But that was enough to prompt me to share the warning.

Click here for MEMA’s safety tips to keep in mind when clearing your roof.

On a side note – Anyone have a measurement on the snow in their yard? I don’t have a stick big enough!

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