Videos: Library advocates, climate change, and celebration of athletes

Southborough Access Media has been busy documenting our lives again. Here is the latest round of videos covering events in town.

To fit these in, I made the windows small. But you can click on the full screen icon [ ] in bottom right corner to expand.

Legislative Breakfast at the Southborough Library

The library hosted a gathering of legislators, library advocates, and the community.

posted to You Tube by Southborough Access Media

400 and rising

A presentation on rising CO2 levels by Carl Guyer of the Green Technology and Recycling Committee.

posted to You Tube by Southborough Access Media

St. Mark’s DI athletes celebration

The school held a ceremony in honor of four female athletes heading to Division I schools next fall.

posted to You Tube by Southborough Access Media

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mike fuce
8 years ago

I get so sick of Carl Guyer and his leftist unscientific agenda based on completely debunked circular reasoning and what was called ‘Global Warming’ which they have down graded to the new name of ‘climate change’ – how parochial, of course there is micro climate change all the time. One famous social leftist said, ” if you tell a lie long enough and often enough to enough people it will become truth”. I know Carl has good intentions but has no basis in real scientific evidence. It has to be repeatable Carl to be science. And his evidence is not repeatable but circular in reasoning. One lie built on another lie built on another lie in a circle all of a sudden becomes truthto the unsuspecting masses. I need to go to the next meeting and debunk every point Carl makes like I did to the anti gun health commissioner from Southborough last year. Honestly, several well know town social liberals got up and left because all they had was name calling. I am all for truth, but bring evidence, I will listen, but not circular reasoning or name calling.

Carl Guyer
8 years ago
Reply to  mike fuce

Calm down Mike…. CO2 levels are rising rapidly, that is proven science. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, that is well known. We are causing a geological change to the atmosphere by digging up and burning carbon compounds that have been trapped in the earth’s crust for many hundreds of million years. By the way, the term Climate Change more accurately describes the potential impact of CO2 emissions. Who cares if it gets a little warmer if it has no impact. Rising temperatures have the potential of changing or more accurately shifting the earth’s climates, which is why so many are concerned.

8 years ago


8 years ago

Oh please. “I know Carl has good intentions…..” How patronizing.

mike fuce
8 years ago

Nope not at all Bill he is a nice man and has good intentions. Conservatives mean what they say when they say it sir. No hidden agenda, I think I put it all out there. Do you have anything decent or intelligent to add other than a cowardly hidden slap?

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