Another day, another warning: Gas leaks, fires, and roof collapses

Above: A warning from state agencies points out more serious dangers than ice dams from icicles hanging from roofs. (Photo by Beth Melo)

The Town Building Commissioner asked me to share a new warning from state emergency agencies about dangers of snow and icicles on roofs.

They alert there have been”numerous reports of gas leaks and fires caused by snow and icicles falling on gas piping and meters.” That’s in addition to more than 100 full and partial roof collapses over the last week.

The agencies strongly urge property owners to clear roofs of snow before the weekend adds more snow along with some rain.

The warning includes safety tips for clearing snow and icicles. For instance: stay off ladders since they can ice up, use a plastic roof rake, and try breaking icicles using a broom stick through a window.

Click here to read the full warning.

A commenter alerted me to another danger in town. According to the comment some town hydrants are so buried, you can’t even spot the flags anymore.

So, for your own home’s safety, make sure your area hydrant is cleared.

Remember, a fire doubles in size every minute. The last thing you want firefighters doing while your house burns is wasting time searching for a hydrant!

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9 years ago

Our house started developing hairline cracks around windows. Prompted me to get the snow off the roof asap.

If anyone has a licensed/insured contractor they’d recommend I’m sure lots of people would appreciate it the contact info. So far I’ve received quotes by the man hour.

For Example:
$500 minimum.

So 2 guys for 2 hours is $500.
3hours is $750..

I did not end up hiring the company so I can’t say if I’d recommend them.

9 years ago

Underrated advice regarding fire hydrant safety– keeping them clear during harsh winter months pretty much never comes up.

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