Letter: Desiree Aselbekian announcing run for Selectwoman

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To the Editor:

It is with great enthusiasm I announce my candidacy for the Southborough Board of Selectmen. Over the next several weeks, I look forward to connecting with as many Southborough voters as possible. I’m interested in communicating my ideas and goals for our Town, while learning from residents how they want their local government to better work for them.

As many of you know, I have been an active participant in our Community since I first ran successfully for regional school committee in 1999. Over the past several years, I have stayed up-to-date on the issues facing us, but have taken a back seat. There have been a number of events, as of late, that forced me to wake-up! After attending Town Meeting and countless Board of Selectmen meetings, I am increasingly concerned about how our local government is running. I see Board members who want progress. I hope to join them, so we can all focus on the short and long-term needs of our Town. I’m dedicated to tackling the issues with the best interest of our entire Community in mind.

If you’re so inclined to entrust me with your vote, it will be my goal as Selectwoman to promote open government, transparency, and most importantly accountability for the Board and the Town’s organization as a whole. I would encourage any voter who wants to learn more about me and my ideas to visit my campaign website at http://ElectDesiree.com. I look forward to meeting people, discussing our Community, and earning your trust. I ask for your vote on Monday, May 11th .

I’m for Southborough! I know you are too.

Desiree Aselbekian

[Editor’s note: you can see original submission, here.]

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9 years ago

Thrilled about this, you definitely have my vote!

Desiree Aselbekian
9 years ago

Dear MySouthborough Readers,

I thank Beth for putting together a wrap-up post for Election Day. Because Beth has decided to link each candidates’ letter to the editor to the campaign round-up, I wanted to take this opportunity to update my announcement letter of 3/9/15 with the following:

I’m excited about my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen and hope you will join me in bringing a fresh perspective to our Town. I ask you for your trust and vote on Monday, May 11th.

We need leaders who are honest, bold, and not afraid to stand up for what’s right. My goals as a member of the Board of Selectmen will be:
• To bring transparency, accountability, and trust back to the Town House.
• To create an environment where information is readily available.
• To provide residents and tax payers with an open government that respects diverse opinions and compromise.
• To work collaboratively with my colleagues and all department heads.
• Most importantly, to lead our Town in creating a comprehensive Strategic Vision for our operational and capital long-term needs.

I am a fourth generation resident of Woodland Road where my grandparents (Happy Birthday Nana), mother, and several cousins have lived since the 1920s. More details about me, my family, my community participation, and my vision for our future can be found at http://ElectDesiree.com. Additionally, I encourage all voters to take a look at my Ideas & Positions page to learn more about my action plan initiatives that I intend to promote if elected.

I welcome anyone with questions, concerns, or new ideas to please reach out to me at Desiree@DesireeForSouthborough.com or give me a call at (508) 485-0167.

I’m for moving Southborough forward. I know you are too!

Desiree Aselbekian

Tessa Stephens
9 years ago

I wanted to thank you Desiree for being conscientious and kind. I received a phone call and a handwritten thank you note for agreeing to put a campaign sign on my lawn.
It’s rare these days that young people ( am I dating myself?) do this. It speaks to character and a sense of responsibility. You have my vote on Monday.

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