Did you rescue two labs from Rte 85?

Above: Lucy (right) and Toby (left) disappeared over 8 weeks ago. There is reason to wonder if someone picked them up in town recently. (Photos from Facebook)

Normally, I wouldn’t post about lost dogs from the Cape. Whats the chance of them turning up in Southborough?

But a reader contacted me, wondering if an incident she witnessed this week is related to an owner’s long search for two lost labs that she read about today:

I think it was Monday (but I can’t remember), I saw two loose labradors (yellow and black or brown) on 85 just by the cemetery.  They were blocking traffic in both directions.  A woman in a silver SUV heading south managed to ge them into her car.  I don’t know if she was the owner or a good Samaritan who stepped in to help.

Today, she discovered this post on Facebook today:

It’s now been over 8 weeks since our two Labs, Toby (black male) and Lucy (yellow female) — inseparable 2- year-old litter siblings — escaped through our side… gate and vanished. They are now overdue for their annual physicals and their tests and shots and their monthly heart worm and flea and tick treatments and it’s breaking my heart to think that someone has them who won’t make sure that they have the best of care. SOMEBODY out there knows where they are — so I’m hoping that person will be caring enough to help us find them. Meanwhile a very huge thank you to all my dear friends — and to all you dear strangers — who are not giving up the hope that they will be found and we will have them safely home again. 508 246-9334.

She contacted the owner, who confirmed the dogs are still lost. She also contacted animal control and Baypath Humane Society, and neither had the dogs. So, we’re reaching out to readers in hope that one of you knows something. (Even if it’s to say, “I’m the one who picked up the labs. But they aren’t Lucy and Toby, they’re mine.”)

If you know something, please reach out to the owner by phone or Facebook.

(And if you do help reunite the owner with lost pets, please post a comment. I’m sure readers would love to hear a happy ending to this tale.)

Updated (3/15/15 10:30 am): I heard back from the owner of Lucy and Toby today. It turns out that the dogs rescued in Southborough weren’t her dogs. 

Since her dogs were lost from Barnstable, it’s unlikely that anyone in town who will be able to help with her being you reunited with her pets.

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9 years ago

Maybe to owner could create a fb page to post information to.

9 years ago

Sorry maybe the owner it should have read.

9 years ago

Hi, a friend posted this on her FB page and I shared it. Another friend said he did see a woman in an SUV on Monday pick them up from the side of the road. I’m waiting to hear back from him about any details he might have noticed. Btw, I tried to post this on FB but it looks like you have your settings to only let friends post. You should change that so others can alert you of any sightings!

Norah Allen
9 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Thanks Beth for your sharing this — and for up-dating it with the news they were not my dogs who were found. We’re obviously hoping that whoever has taken them has not removed them from the Cape thinking that they might, indeed, be easier to find if they are still in this area. But since they could have been taken miles from here — I am just glad that this news is being shared off Cape as well. Again — my thanks.

Norah Allen
9 years ago
Reply to  Cher

Hi Cher, I believe you called me last night re this posting and had tried to post something directly to me but were unable to do so — and so called me instead — for which I thank you. I really didn’t understand all that had transpired when we talked but I think I do now. I had posted my notice on public FB a few days ago and it was subsequently shared on Missing Pets of Mass. and also on this blog. There are two links in this blog (one under the photos and one later in the article) and I believe if you had clicked on either of those links you could have connected with me on FB. As I told you — we believe they were picked up and could have been taken off Cape Cod — so do appreciate people keeping an eye out everywhere for us.

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