These are a few of my favorite things

Above: Community events like the Summer Concert Series and Summer Nights are among the things I love about living in Southborough. (Photos by Beth Melo)

I spent waay too long on an email this afternoon to someone thinking about moving to town. She and her family are relocating, and she asked me to “sell” her on our town. So, I have little time for my last post of the week.

That’s OK, because it’s making me turn to you again.

Much of the passionate discourse in comments tells readers from out of town what you don’t like. But I know (from a past pull and a gut feeling) most of you like it here.

So, for this post, let’s think happy thoughts.

No snarking. No sarcasm. And no attacking others for their priorities or opinions. Just tell us. . .

What do you love (or at least really like) about Southborough?

One of mine to start it off: I love that our community is small enough that my kids and I run into friends at whatever community events and programs we attend in town.

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9 years ago

I love the schools. The teachers truly care about their classroom and their student’s happiness and success. My college-age kids still remember some of their favorite teachers – especially at Trottier (some favs – Clark, Brady, Winston, Ferrara, Holland, Griffin). But they also remember their kindergarten teacher – that’s what a wonderful impression she left on them! (frmly Ms. Croeber) Thanks Southboro Schools!!

Beth D
9 years ago

We’re a friendly bunch! We smile and say hello to one another on the street, at the post office, in the library, at school events, where ever and even if we don’t know each other. Today, as I drove through downtown, a complete stranger to me who was standing on the side of the road, gave me a nice smile and I thought, “We’re such a friendly town.”
(Our passionate disputes only show how much we care!)

9 years ago

Lifelong friendships, great schools, lots of parental involvement in both the schools and organized out-of-school activities, wonderfully situated for access to major highways, safe, some beautiful open spaces, the small town feelings I get at so many local businesses, and the quaint New England charm of our town center.

9 years ago

Too much to list but one is definitely St. Mark’s. Our kids are growing up playing on their fields, catching polywogs, frogs, and little fish in their ponds, going on family hikes with the dog through their cross country trails, and ice skating in their rink when they open it to residents. And then just the architecture of that school – it really is magical. I had a friend recently move to Southborough and the first time he drove by St. Mark’s he thought it was Hogwart’s !

Sboro Mom
9 years ago

Moving here from just outside of Boston 7 years ago, I was nervous about making new friends. I had two young children under 3, and I wasn’t working. But within a month I had 25 instant friends and my kids had even more! I joined Kindergroup and became a part of the town. Being a part of Kindergroup allowed me to be a member of committees to help run many town events such as Heritage Day, Santa Day, and the Easter egg hunt. My friends in other towns complained they didn’t know what to do all day with their young kids, and I couldn’t keep up with all the play dates and Kindergroup field trips to places I would never have found on my own. And the friendships I made in the basement of Pilgrim Church continue today. I feel so lucky to be part of such a great community!

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