Letter: Doriann Jasinski running for Town Clerk

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To the Editor:

I am fortunate and excited to present myself as a candidate for the office of Southborough Town Clerk.

I have interacted with the Town Clerk’s office as all of you have through the years and have always been impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of the office. In recent years, I have served as Election Warden at the Trottier School and have gotten to know many of the functions of the Clerk’s office on a more professional basis. Managing this important function for Southborough is an enormous responsibility, but one I believe I am able to lead successfully.

I am running for the position because of my desire to continue my service to the community and to contribute in a greater capacity. The Town Clerk’s role requires someone with a passion for service and a true connection with all parts of the town. Having a diverse town government, a constituent driven approach and the proper experience base to effectively serve the people of Southborough will allow the Clerk’s office to best serve the community. 

My commitment to our Town is important to me and my family. I have raised my children with the belief that you need to give back to your community as much as you can. I truly love Southborough and its small town charm, but mostly it is the people which makes it an exceptional place to live and raise our families.

I have spent over 20 years in various activities in our town, have worked in the election process for the last 27 elections, have served on multiple committees supporting the students in our schools and have co-chaired the efforts to provide support packages for our veterans. Before dedicating myself to these volunteer efforts, I have very successfully managed teams in large and medium enterprises. I have worked closely with the Southborough Town Clerk’s office and have studied the needs of the position with Clerks in nearby communities and with other State Government Officials. I promise full collaboration and cooperation with all town boards and will do so with the trust and leadership you all expect from your Town Clerk. I bring the perspectives of a professional career, that of a mother at home and finally, as a woman working in our community. I feel my overall engagement and passion for our community along with my experience makes me the best suited candidate to serve our town.

I respectfully ask you to vote for me on May 11 to lead the Clerk’s office.

Thank you,
Doriann Jasinski

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9 years ago


Matthew posted a question on a previous thread that you have not answered. It read;

Matthew May 5, 2015 at 8:30 AM


Would you be so kind as to reveal the source of your email list used Sunday night to send a political solicitation out to voters in Southborough?

Thank you!

I think it is important that you give him an answer.

Thank you for your response.

9 years ago
Reply to  Alan


I have received an email from Mrs. Jasinski and also from the individual who provider her with my email address. Both were respectful and courteous and provided explanations and apologies but I do not believe the details of the emails are mine to share.

Technically while nothing illegal or unethical was done it may be best for Mrs. Jasinski to respond publicly so that this question doesn’t become an issue.

Also I offer my own apologies to Mrs. Jasinski for the tone of my initial email on Sunday evening. It was late and I was tired and receiving a political solicitation to my personal email address all combined to generate a less than respectful reply by me.

Thank you,

9 years ago

Thanks Matthew.

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