Musical roundup with videos: Hometown girls – Storm Large, Jessie Chris, and Anda Volley

Above: Divas with Southborough addresses/roots – Storm Large, Jessie Chris, and Anda Volley (Images left and right from Facebook. Center image from Volley’s website.)

Last month, three Southborough native/resident musicians were covered by the Telegram & Gazette.

But what’s the real point in sharing words about musicians if readers can’t experience the sound? And while at least two of these singers will be performing this weekend, I doubt you’ll be attending their shows. Unless you’d like to buy airline tickets to Nashville or Australia!

One more reason to love YouTube. Here are story excerpts accompanied by relevant videos.

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Pink Martini (with singer Storm Large) – Amado Mio

Last month, when native Storm Large returned to the area to perform with Pink Martini at the Hanover Theatre, the Telegram wrote:

Pink Martini keeps it cool at Hanover

Pink Martini is not a band that has anything to prove. . .

No, you knew these musicians were top-shelf the moment they began, but it wasn’t until the second song, with the emergence of singer Storm Large, that you realized something was missing, a unifying force to tie all of this talent together and give the audience a fixed focal point. Large – a Southborough native – arrived like a thunderclap, launching into the classic “Amado Mio” with little fanfair, a sudden and electrifying presence on stage. (read more)

I don’t have a clip from May’s performance. But here are the singer and band performing the aforementioned song last summer:

Pink Martini with singer Storm Large. Amado Mio written by: Doris Fisher & Allan Roberts. From the album Sympathique, © 1997 Heinz Records

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Jessie Chris Fenway Park National Anthem

When Southborough high schooler Jessie Chris scored a venue that would make some baseball fans green with envy, the Telegram wrote:

Southboro teen at home in country

Jessie Chris has already crisscrossed the country as a country singer-songwriter and recorded her debut album, “Wildfire,” in Nashville.
Next month, Chris graduates from Algonquin Regional High School. The following weekend, she’ll be performing at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. . .

On May 22 she is scheduled to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park prior to the Boston Red Sox-Los Angeles Angels game. Then she’ll be performing at 1 p.m. May 23 during the the Phantom Gourmet BBQ at the Mendon Twin Drive-In.

For the Mendon show, her lead guitarist, Miguel Perez, is coming up from Nashville to be part of her four-member band (Chris sings and plays guitar, and can also play piano and banjo). (read more)

Here’s Jessie’s rendition of our challenging anthem.

CMA Performer and Nashville Recording Artist 17-year old Jessie Chris performs The National Anthem at Fenway Park on May 22, 2015.

posted to You Tube by Jessie Chris

Anda Volley – Butterfly Melt

Telegram has a weekly music post. Back in April, they featured a piece by Southborough’s Andra Volley:

Song to Get You Through the Week: ‘Butterfly Melt,’ by Anda Volley

Southboro singer-songwriter Anda Volley has always been riding the edge of experimental music, but with the new music video for her song “Butterfly Melt,” she’s pretty much abandoned linear songwriting entirely. The result is a moody, hypnotic patch of musical fog, with synthesized sounds and digitally altered vocals coalescing into something beautiful and otherworldly. (read more)

From the EP My Flawless Computerized Mind

posted to You Tube by Southborough Access Media

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