Photo Gallery: Car vs motorcycle on Paramenter

Above: A wreck this morning in town resulted in at least one injury. Thankfully, no one was caught in the subsequent car fire. (Photo by Lisa Tommaney)

A crash on Paramenter Road this morning was documented by town photographer Lisa Tommaney. She asked me to use this as a reminder to all of us to drive safely out there.

This morning’s accident involved a motorcyle and car. Thankfully, everyone was extricated from the site before the fire captured in the dramatic shots.

The motorcyclist was transported to UMass Memorial. Condition is currently unknown.

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8 years ago

Always upsetting to see any collision, much less one involving a motorcycle. Do we have any idea what happened?

Karen Muggeridge
8 years ago

Here is link to an article that was in today’s MetroWest Daily News regarding the accident.

8 years ago

Thank-you, Karen!

Al Hamilton
8 years ago

This is one of the most dangerous intersections in town. I travel through it on my way to work. There is heavy traffic in all directions. The sight lines when turning left from Pine Hill to Parmenter are non existent.

Making this worse, this intersection is about as far from the fire station as you can get in town. Any serious accident will have a wait for our emergency responders, in spite of their best efforts, particularly at rush hour.

It is time for a 3 way stop sign and improved sight lines before more people are injured.

Note: I serve on the Public Safety Building Study Committee but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Donna McDaniel
8 years ago

Note: While Paramenter Road has a certain zing to it, the road here is actually Parmenter until it comes to Framingham line on east of Pine Hill when it turns into Edmands. I expect that both names are old families in their respective towns, but haven’t looked into that but
will one of these days unless someone beats me to it. Since I live near the Framingham line I use Pine Hill to go north a lot and agree… that intersection is a scary one with little
sight line.


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