Congrats to Trottier Baseball

Above: Trottier’s triumphant ballplayers (Contributed photo)

I’ve been asked to share news on the Trottier Midddle School’s baseball team.

[Note: I know they aren’t the only team out there worth bragging about. But if you want me to share news on your favorite team, you have to send it to me. (Soccer Moms/Dads – this means you, too!) You can always email news, tips and photos to]

Now back to Trottier –

The middle schoolers went undefeated in their 11 game season. The boys took on teams from Westborough, Marlborough, Hudson, Bolton, Stow, and Lancaster.

You can view at an enlarged version of the photo by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.

trottier_baseballPictured from left to right:

Top row: Pete Massaglia (Head Coach), James Mahoney (Team Manager), Frank Nellenback (Assistant Coach), Tony Massaglia, Grant Gattuso, Mark Boyden (Assistant Coach), Ben Poon, Harry Boyden, Nolan Kimball, Jamie Mooney (Team Manager), and Luke Brogna (Team Manager)

Bottom row: Greg Rosen, Gunnar Vachris, Jeffrey Secrist, Matthew Walsh, Ben Weber, Jack Butler, and Jack Branson

Not Pictured: Matthew White and Ryan Decker

Updated (6/17/15 12:37 pm)

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